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Virtual Laboratories

The navigation links on the left show the virtual laboratories organized by category. Click on a link to see a list of resources for that category.

Virtual laboratories are labeled using the following key:

RE: Remote-Virtual laboratory. This is accessed via Internet to a real physical system for direct manipulation. The software used for the remote control can be a Web browser or an application that needs to be downloaded from the server of the laboratory. Sometimes it may be possible viewing and even hearing in real time.

VM: Monolithic virtual laboratory. Using a browser downloads an applet, an ActiveX or an application that operates locally with a simulated resource. This means that the interface and the core of the simulation are a single object. It is not necessary the installation of any simulation environment, unless the corresponding plug-ins or run - time Java, Labview, or SysQuake. Also included are independent executable applications.

VD: Distributed virtual laboratory. The client uses an HTML page, an applet, an ActiveX or an application to connect to a server where is located all the software simulation. The client runs exclusively the interface, establishing a dialogue over the network between the interface and the simulation server.

VH: Hybrid virtual laboratory. It is analogous to the monolithic but it necessarily needs that the client arranges the corresponding modelling and simulation software such as, for example, Matlab/Simulink.

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