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Software and Other Resources

Contributed by Sebastián Dormido.

Control Station. Commercial software for analysis, tuning and teaching of process control. It is possible to download a trial version.

Cyberlab. Laboratory network portal, which provides tools and services for the management and access to remote labs, and mechanisms to share experiences and results. It currently includes several laboratories on control, automation, or optics.

DynCAD. Graphical environment with object editor which allows represent the structure physics of a dynamical system and simulate it. Use the DYNAST tool installed on a remote server to analyze the model.

Easy Java Simulations. Free tool that facilitates the creation of independent Java applets for interactive dynamic system simulation. It is characterized by ease of use of its interface that not requires advanced knowledge of programming.

IntegraXor.  Software to create SCADA applications through Web application and documentation of free access.

IGSS - Interactive Graphical SCADA System. Software for the development of SCADA applications with application and documentation for free download.

Octave. High level language for numerical calculation. Very compatible with Matlab, but with GNU GPL public license.

SimRobot3D. Cross-platform Java development of virtual environments of robotics mobile robots, industrial, small humanoid, or other types of 3D robots models that can be implemented using VRML graphics files.

Scilab. Free tool oriented to engineering and scientific applications that maintains some compatibility with Matlab. It has a toolbox, Scicos, with a philosophy similar to Simulink.

SysQuake. Commercial software for scientific simulation and visualization with a highly interactive interface. It is possible to use remotely over the web. It has a free version but limited in its functions.

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