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Simulation and System Dynamics

Contributed by Sebastián Dormido.

Interactive physics online course (VM). General physics course based on web, from simple concepts to other more complex, through a large number of Java applets on simulations of systems, practices, problems, games, etc. Very well documented.

Electronics laboratory (RE). Laboratory of electronics via Internet with experiments on real equipment. The site provides also experiments for non-registered users.

EngApplets, Java Applets for Engineering Education(VM). Set of applets with examples of fluid and system dynamics.

Linear Cascade Remote Lab (VM+RE). A turbine simulator for the study of concepts of the flow aerodynamics of a fluid. The user can ask for remote access to the real equipment.

NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory (VM). List of many experiments on different topics of physics based on Java applets.

Physics Applets (VM). Experiments based on Java applets on astrophysics, energy, mechanics and thermodynamics for courses of physics. This website also offers applets-tool for graphic and spreadsheets.

Physlets (VM). Portal for education of physics simulations and very didactic systems animations based on Java applets, which has good tutorials, and also provides exercises for solving.

PNS, S/T Petri-Net Simulation System (VM). Simple Simulator of extended Petri nets. A version for UNIX/Linux, and other as a Java applet. is available.

Whebshaker (RE). Experiment on a shake table that simulates earthquakes, which can be controlled over the Internet with the aim of designing the movement and to assess their effects.

What is engineering? (VM). Page with various virtual laboratories on various topics (logic circuits, arm robot, sound propagation, etc.) for first year students in engineering or physics.

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