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Robotics and Computer Vision

Contributed by Sebastián Dormido, Ljubo Vlacic.

Augmented Reality Interface for Teleoperation via Internet (ARITI) (VR). System that allows the augmented reality visualization, and the control of a 4 DOF robot through Internet.

Columbia University Robotics Group projects page.

GraspIt (VM). Software for the simulation of robot serials whose purpose is the study of the robotic grip on different objects.

Harvard's MicroObservatory. Explore the universe with telescopes that you control over the internet.

Interactive Model Railroad (RE). Remote control of a railway scale model with electric trains. The system is designed for the teaching of planning route and collision avoidance techniques.

Laboratory for Intelligent Mechanical Systems (LIMS). Teleoperation research.

MOBS - Mobile Robot Simulator (VM). MOBS is a simulation environment of 3D environments and mobile robots for UNIX/Linux with the same behaviour that the robot “RobuterII “.

Robolab (VM-RE). Virtual laboratory for the simulation of industrial robot arms, that allows to experiment with basics robotics concepts. It also provides remote operation of real robots.

RoboMosp (VM). Application for the creation of different types of anthropomorphic robots using a programming environment developed in C++. It allows to simulate the cinematic and dynamics, as well as to execute different types of trajectories.

Robotic Arm Control (VM). Simple Java applet with 2D interface developed at the Johns Hopkins University for the learning of robotics basic concepts.

Robotoy (RE). Teleoperation of a small robot arm, which can be moved to try to grab objects, looking at what is happening thanks to a video stream.

The Telegarden. This tele-robotic installation allows WWW users to view and interact with a remote garden filled with living plants.

The Tele-labs project (RE). System for the remote operation of an real industrial robot, which can manipulate basic objects on a board. It uses a very complete own client software.

Telemanipulation - Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory.

Teleoperated Experiments On Board Remotely Piloted Vehicles Using the World Wide Web. North Carolina State University, Glistening Web Communications Corporation.

Telerobotic operation at the University of Tokyo.

Telerobotic applications by Brook Votaw at the University of the Pacific.

The UJI Online Robot (RE). System that allows to control a robot through the web, including recognition and augmented reality techniques for educational experiments on localization and objects grip.

Títere (RE). System for laboratory practice on machine vision from remote jobs that allows to capture screenshots of a configurable environment of real work and then to perform processing and analysis. The practices include self-assessment.

VirtualRobot Simulator (VM). Platform of graphical simulation of robotic cell with multiple robots based on OpenGL and Microsoft Windows. It is an open platform that allows to design and to include new components in the environments.

Visual (VM). Executable program which offers a graphical high-level environment for the design and simulation of machine vision algorithms.

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