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Various Projects

Contributed by Ljubo Vlacic.

Space Machines Laboratory. Source: Tohoku University.

Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamic Complex Technical Systems' Systems and Control Theory Group research page. Click on the thumbnails found at the bottom of the page for more details on a particular project (the site is being updated).

Current projects for Loughborough University's Systems and Control Research group. Projects are mostly railway-related, but there are some concerned with robots and aircraft.

Research activities undertaken by Lancaster University's Systems and Control Group.

UC Berkeley Alpha Lab projects.

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs' Control Systems Laboratory.

Automotive Control Systems Laboratory. Source: Ohio State University.

Centre for Intelligent Machines research page. Source: McGill University.

Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory. Source: University of the West of England.

USC Autonomous Flying Vehicle project. Source: University of Southern California.

Autonomous Systems and Controls Laboratory. Source: Virginia Tech.

Vision science at UC Berkeley.

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