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Databases and Reference Websites

Contributed by Ljubo Vlacic.

Control Theory and Engineering Links. Source:

Control Engineering-Related Educational Sites. Source: Georgia Tech.

Delft Center for Systems and Control. Source: Delft University of Technology.

International Engineering Consortium.

BUBL Engineering links. Source: Strathclyde University.

Links on Cybernetics and Systems. Source: Principia Cybernetica.

Control engineering groups around the world. Source: Strathclyde University.

Links page for

Process control resources. Source: University of Texas.

Internet Resources for the Use of Matlab. Source: California State University Fullerton.

Resource guide for control systems & robotics. Source: Agilent Technologies.

MATLAB Educational Sites. Source: University of Maine.

A short list of control theory books. Source: CentraSoft.

Systems and Control: Theory and Applications. Source: City University of Hong Kong.

Experiments and Equipment at the UGCL. Source: University of California San Diego.

Design and Analysis of Control Systems Research Laboratory. Scroll down to 'Recent Publications' and after clicking on one of the links under this heading, click on the .pdf link to access the publication. Source: University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Physics and Control Resources. Source: Physics and control group, Russia.

Course notes and learning resources for process control. Source: Newcastle University.

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